Tuesday, December 6

Graduation Decorating

My new Google seems to be Pinterest.
Well, when it comes to crafts anyway.
Why sort through loads of craft images on google
when Pinterest weeds out all the horrible designs for you?
You may have to see the same image about 23 times, but it's worth it in the end.

As most of you know, my cute husband is graduating from college next Friday.
Next Friday.
I can't even believe that is a reality.
It's soooo close! Wahoo!

And what does that really mean? Party time! I have been thinking about this graduation party for years, so now is the time to really go all out.
I love the cupcakes. I have been planning to make sugar cookies with our school's logo... but the cupcakes might make the dessert menu.

I am pulling some of those wall swirls out... and you'll need to stay tuned for that pinspiration project because I have found the key to making those! Staples and string! Thanks to a lovely friend, Claire.

I mostly like the sophistication of black... I'm thinking black, teal, and grey.

Don't worry. Pictures will be posted. For sure!

Have a fabulous day, all!
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  1. So cute! Love the whole blog! I stumbled across one of your facebook posts that lead me here. I also dream of my husband's graduation party (he's studying music so I want to practice making a baby grand piano cake that I saw online). Anyways, congrats to him (and you)! Love, Cyndi Bennett (Thompson)



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