Thursday, January 9


 This is porcelain tile - Can you believe it?
I'm impressed!
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Tuesday, January 7

2014 Trends

Can ya'll guess where we are?

That's right - Texas! Life is good!

What are you looking forward to this year?
I'm looking forward to being married to an MBA grad...
and some new projects like these:

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Friday, September 6

Gardening And Halloween!

Our garden has experienced ups and downs this year...
unlike other years where it experienced mostly downs. haha

Saw these and thought they were great ideas:

Loving these pumpkins - prepping for Halloween.

Have a fabulous weekend! Party on!
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Sunday, April 7


We have been enjoying this week of parties!
My hubs turned 30 and one of my best friends is having a baby!
We'll start with the baby shower pics:

My cute hubby! I sure love him!

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Thursday, February 28

Monday, February 18

Latest Loves

Okay, so we are alive.

There isn't enough time most days to blog.
But TODAY I found the time.

My latest loves:
 Stay tuned for my version of this.
I have a few ideas...

What have you been pinning?

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Sunday, August 12

Sofa Makeover

Here is the official reveal!

Before and After:
Details to come, but I figured the pictures would suffice for now.
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