Wednesday, November 9

Toilet of the Month... and maybe Year

As I sat at my computer watching this video for the first time, the hubs heard the music playing and asked "WHAT are you doing?"

"Watching a video about a toilet; what are you doing?"

"Sitting on the toilet."

Fitting, you might say. It was a great conversation and we think we are funny so we had a little chuckle together. And before you even think it, I'm just going to admit that I am a design nerd. I am. That's okay with me. Who really gets excited about toilets? Only design nerds. I remember feeling weak in the knees when I saw my first Toto.

And Kohler has laced up its competition shoes.
May I introduce you to the Numi?

I have no need for this toilet. My pink toilet does the job. But really, it's quite amazing that there is a market for this thing; don't you agree?
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1 comment:

  1. That is too much to handle, Steph. Wow. I loved how the ad tried to be sexy. Because sitting on the toilet and pooping is sexy... I do love all the features and AM amazed there is a market for this. People who want luxury want it in all aspects of life, right?



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