Thursday, November 10

Custom Bedskirts

We keep our bed on risers to utilize the space underneath. We're tall and like that our bed sits up higher. The problem with risers though is they're unattractive and it's harder to find a standard bed skirt that is the right length. So I decided to make my own. Here's how it went:

  • I used canvas drop cloths that you can find at Home Depot. I bought the $20 package... so there was a lot of fabric. I don't remember the actual measurements.
  • I measured from the floor to the top of the box spring and added roughly 8 inches and then measured the lengths of the sides and front of the mattress.
  • I then laid out my drop cloth (after washing and drying it) on the floor and used my sewing ruler and 4ft level to make sure I cut all my pieces out straight.
  • I cut 5 pieces total. 2 long sides. 1 front piece. 2 corner pieces (which will be just as tall as the others but not nearly as long.
  • Then I ironed and hemmed all four sides of my pieces.
  • Then I attached them to the box spring using safety pins. This was the best idea ever, and I saw it on somebody's blog after doing a few google searches... so I don't have a source for that. By attaching the pieces with safety pins I could make sure they hit the floor where I wanted them to and they lined up evenly.
  • I attached the corners first and then the front and sides. This created a faux pleat and made it so I had complete coverage around my bed, but no extra sewing.
  • Then I put my mattress back on top of my box spring and haven't worried about it since.
reason we needed a skirt - that's just unattractive
attaching the corner piece
front and side piece

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