Wednesday, October 5

Tree Branches

I'm still working on the baby shower crafts, which will be posted next week. Today I am so grateful for inspiration... sometimes we just need a little help. Know what I mean? In my search for baby shower inspiration, I got distracted blog searching. Never happens to you, right? Yeah, it was the first time for me.

Look at the patterned sofa on the left! Brittany Stiles is, in my opinion, fabulous. I wish I got to work with her more. My claim to fame is that I once helped this wonderful designer with some AutoCAD drawings. Haha! I'm lucky to know her.

Then I ran into this fun blog post from Nesting Place. Have you ever thought about adding branches to your design? Right. Me too. Look at these fun ideas.

What blogs distracted you today?

Enjoy your day! Love, Steph
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