Thursday, October 6

More Than One Way to "Hang" a Picture

A few months ago I bought 2 great frames from HomeGoods to hang on the wall in my bedroom. The problem was they were desk frames and had no hanging hardware. I didn't think much of it because I've added hardware to frames before, so I figured I'd do it again. I don't know what these frames are made of but they were too heavy for liquid nails, too thick for nails to be hammered in, and when I tried drilling holes I broke 2 of my husband's drill bits in the frame and I can't get them out.

So, I took a break from working with them for a little while... until it hit me. Use Velcro!!! I used it to hang the letters in my daughters' room, as seen here.

I went to Home Depot. Picked up a pack of this and cut each one in fours and adhered it to my frames and then adhered it to the wall. They've been "hanging" pretty on the wall ever since.

Disclaimer and things I should say about the product: The larger and heavier your frame the more Velcro you should use. Also, I wouldn't use this to hang anything above a crib. Oh, and this is not a sponsored post.
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