Monday, June 11

Frame Inspiration

I'll be honest... I've been uninspired for the last several months.  I thrive off projects, accomplishments, and new ideas so to be uninspired has left me in a funk.  

I'm happy to say I'm back.  The inspiration is pouring in, as well as supplies for future projects.  I've even begun to complete projects.  All this is snowballing into more projects and things to do in my home and so my to-do list around here is ever growing.  But I'm inspired again and that's lifted my spirits.

One of my projects will be to update the gallery wall of family photos in my living room.  When I saw this picture below I was inspired by the configuration of the frames on the wall.  So inspired that I'm now planning on replicating it in my own living room.  

And in case you're wondering what my project list looks like... here you go:  
paint curtains
sew pillows for sofa
paint walls
build new coffee table top and paint legs & stain top
build dining table
hunt for new dining chairs... and build a bench
reupholster living room chair
build a new desk for Mike
update gallery photo display on wall (this one will be ongoing... and not finished until fall when we have the new little bundle)

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