Monday, May 14

Keeping it Real ~ Living Room

After much begging and pleading my husband has conceded to let me get the sofa I want... this week.  We're also picking up a coffee table.  I'm so excited that we're going to start working on our Living/Dining room makeover.  It's going to take a while, but that's why getting started is so exciting... it means we're getting there.  

I've been working on an inspiration board to share so you could see where my head is at... but that's a work in progress too.  So in the interest of keeping it real here's the partially completed inspiration board.

Curtain panels and sofa will be Ikea.  Yes we're getting an Ikea sofa... and I'm excited about that.  My husband thinks I'm crazy for wanting a white sofa but our apartment gets no light so I need things that make it feel lighter, also with kids it's nice to be able to wash/bleach it.  The curtain panels will be white and then I'll use this tutorial to add the large chevron.  

Coffee table inspiration is from Pottery Barn.  I was thinking a tufted ottoman or upholstered skirted ottoman would be great... but I worry that we would have too much fabric going on.  While we were perusing Pottery Barn I saw this coffee table and really liked it.  Then I scoured craigslist and found this guy, which we're picking up tonight, and we're going to update it so it has black legs and a darker stain on top.

As for a rug... still undecided on that.

The fabrics you see are for added throw pillows and can be found here:  

I still need to decide on a fabric to recover a chair... that is if we decide to keep it and it fits in the room.

Still working on paint colors... but that might wait until the fabric for pillows and chair have been brought in so I can match from the fabrics.  I've been trying to pick a paint first and it's not going so well.  

Like I said... it's a work in progress... but I can't wait to start sharing my progress. 

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