Friday, May 4


Recognize this fabric?

Yeah, it's on my sofa... and floor... and sewing machine... and almost any semi-flat place that I can set fabric on. You could say the house is a mess. Maybe a better word would be "disaster" but it will be worth it right?

I just keep telling myself that.

The picture above gave me hope and renewed confidence in my fabric choice. Love. Love. Love.

Three cushions down. Two more to go.

One sofa ripped to shreds. One to go.

Zero sofas complete. Two to go.
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  1. You can do it! I am so excited for the finished product and the amazing look it will give your house. LOVE you!

  2. That fabric is so pretty, Steph! Good luck, let me know if you need any help.. or someone to chat with while you make it.. not sure how much help i could be! ha. :)
    ps.. I am finally following your blog! I thought I was.. but guess not. I was missing out on a ton of posts!



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