Monday, April 2

Dr. Seuss Cookies

We had a birthday party for Dr. Seuss back at the beginning of March. I actually found these cookies online and then decided to make my own twist on them... mostly because my cookies broke when I tried to make the lollipop roll, but let's just say I really wanted to get creative.

Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and split the dough into 5 balls. Dye each ball of dough a different color... I used neon food coloring and loved how they turned out.

Then take a bit from each ball and roll those five colors into their own ball. Place them on your baking pan like this:  

And bam! You've got stinkin' cute cookies! Our whole group loved them and none of us are under the age of 5, so I could imagine kids would enjoy them as well. :)

Enjoy your baking experiences!
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