Thursday, March 29

On a Personal Note ~ Expecting

I (Risa) am happy to announce that I'm expecting #2 this September.

I've had nurseries on the brain for a while, but wasn't ready to write up any posts yet. We suspect it might be a boy this time. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment and will for the next few years, so if we do have a boy then our girl's room is going to have to become a boy/girl room.

This image is my inspiration. I think we'll do gray walls, navy beds (navy crib and navy headboard), instead of chartreuse we might lean more towards green, and we'll be bringing in orange accents.


This might seem really boyish to some, but we'll have more feminine bedding for my daughter and the print on the curtains leans a little feminine to me. Also, since my daughter is a carrot top she wears lots of blues, greens and oranges because pinks and purples don't suit her... so I don't think of blue and green as strictly boy colors anymore. Plus we'll be using navy as opposed to baby blue.

We already have this crib on hand, but right now it's currently hot pink, so we'd paint it navy. We'd build my daughter a headboard, and I want to cover it in a navy velvet, for the texture and richness of that fabric. We already have the curtains made in that fabric. We also already have a white dresser on hand. Like I said in my last post I'll be sewing up that bedding for my daughter... that post will come in a month or two. I'll also sew up the crib bedding and would like to trim it in orange. As far as art for the walls, I found cute prints on etsy, but I don't know if we'll do something more personal. I didn't include a rug... we'll see if we need one when the whole room is done.

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  1. Congratulations!! Very exciting!

  2. we're like design twins! I did a navy crib and have the EXACT same crib bedding for our little Gabe {except our duvet is lime chevron instead of blue}... that's crazy!



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