Wednesday, March 21


Do you ever just go to Ikea for ideas, or inspiration? I don't know if I do... but I always leave inspired. Little "Red" and I ventured out to Ikea yesterday to sit on a sofa I've been thinking about getting. I was really inspired by what they did with the room setup. (please forgive my dark and bad quality images from my sad little point and shoot camera)

This isn't the biggest sectional and so it really works best in this room, and my own apartment, if you can pull it away from the wall. I had thought about putting a console table between the sofa and wall... but loved this idea. Shelves! That makes so much sense. Just put shelves on the wall where you want them and then it makes the gap between sofa and wall look more purposeful. Plus this would give me much needed surface space for holiday decor (since I don't have a mantle to dress up)

little red making a friend

Also, I saw these curtains and liked them quite a bit. They are woodsy and floral without being overly feminine, they're graphic, and they may go with my color story... and at $25 a pair they're cheaper than sewing my own. What do you think?

they're not on the website yet... so check your local store

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