Wednesday, February 22


So the sofa I'll be putting in my dining room is a Louis style piece. I was thinking of covering it in a white vinyl so it would be easy to clean... but Steph is encouraging me to be bold and do something crazy. I saw this image and those ikat pillows and I think that's the fabric I *need* to recover the sofa in. Any idea who makes and distributes that fabric? I feel like I've seen it but I can't remember where.


Then I saw this image today and it confirmed/solidified/supported my idea to use an ikat on a Louis style piece.

Here are two images I've saved to my computer... don't know their sources but I guess I found them inspiring long before I thought to recover my own sofa in ikat... in fact I think I saved these before I acquired the sofa.

Look behind the table and chairs in this one.

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