Monday, January 16

Pine Cone Pinspiration Project

This week's Pinspiration Project was inspired by this pin:

Items needed:
Pine Cones

 Beads and string/ribbon/raffia (your choice)

 Spray Paint

What to do:
1. Spray Paint the pine cones of your liking.
2. Glue sting/ribbon/raffia (your choice) to each end of the pine cones. Use a hot glue gun, and make sure to not burn yourself. I happened to create a blister on our ancient glue gun that was created before heat regulations were put in place.
3. String beads on each end of the pine cone.

4. Tie knots and cut off extra string.

Simple, right? 
You could hang them almost anywhere for a little winter decor. 
Windows. Mantels. Bookcases.

Pin It!

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