Tuesday, January 10

DIY Pillows

Okay peeps, I need your advice.
Risa and I are taking on some living room projects...

You know those moments in life when you feel a little lost about what you're supposed to do?
I feel like I've been in that "moment" for a while now...
So I'm crafting until I receive some inspiration.
And my living room is the first to benefit from my crafting.

My fabric samples should arrive this week,
and I'm 99% sure I'm going to use this fabric for the sofa:
To see the other options, click here.

I need some opinions... what pillows do you like below?

So what pillows do you like?

P.S. I have some pinspiration projects that haven't been posted yet!
And I'm excited to share!
So stay tuned!

Also, I have decided this is my next DIY project:
Super cute place to write love notes every morning!
Pin It!

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