Tuesday, October 18


Do you have a someday purchase for your home? That one piece of furniture that if you could afford you'd buy it? I do. I want an Eames chair. Someday I will own one. Nevermind that it will set me back a few thousand dollars if I buy one brand new. I. Will. Own. One.

A quick history: my husband's grandma has two, not one, two. She was an interior designer back in the day and when they came out she bought one, at wholesale I think. If that wasn't lucky enough fast forward to sometime in the last decade and she was out for a walk and someone was selling one in a yard sale. I can't remember if they were asking $15 or $50 but either way she bought it for a steal, and then had it restored.

I love them & someday I will own one.

i love the idea of re-doing a knock off in a bold print

they also make knock off mini versions... you know i want one of these too

see the all white one hiding in the corner?
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