Monday, October 17

Baby Shower Pinspiration #1

Want to know why you are such lucky readers this week?
We are actually posting 4 Pinspirations!

Two are from an adorable baby shower, one from Risa, 
and one as an update from last week's pin. 

Today's Pinspiration Project was inspired by this pin:

Really, I wanted to make those cute paper circular fan decorations...
long name, but good description.

First, I cut paper in equal strips and started folding them just like I was making a fan. When I got to the end of the strip of paper, I glued another strip on the end so the fan just kept growing and growing. Pretty simple, right?

Once you have about four (although I recommend five) equal strips together, you glue the last two ends together to make this cute little sharp cylinder.

Then comes the tricky part. Push one end in while pulling the other end out so you flatten it like so:

I taped these decor items to circular and square pieces of paper so that they would stay in place without worries. It was a fast, cost-effective way to add spice to the food table. For fun, I decided to add photos of some other aspects of the shower:

If you enjoyed that part of the shower, stay tuned for Wednesday when Baby Shower Pinspiration #2 is revealed! The party favors were a blast to make!
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