Monday, October 3

Some Random Thoughts

As you know, Risa and I are starting some Pinterest projects...
and with that comes some pretty fun posts!
I hope you're as excited as we are :)
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, click here.

A cute friend is having a baby in December,
so we are, of course, throwing her a baby shower.
Here are my first Pinterest projects:

And on a personal note...
my cute hubs just saw this watch and said:
"Look at this thing! It's amazing!"

And then I heard "Holy cow!!!"
Yep... want to guess the buckaroos on this purdy thang?


I have to admit I didn't see that coming.
What do you talk about with your spouse on Monday nights?
Our conversations seem to be a little random :)
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  1. This is going to a very beautiful shower...what a lucky Mommy to be. Your creations are very amazing. Thanks for sharing. Where can I purchase some of these?

  2. Mom, you don't have to act like a customer! :) haha! You are so cute!



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