Thursday, October 20

Pinspiration Update

Do you ever multitask?
I do.
It's what women do.

Why complete one task when you can complete five tasks?
That's my motto.
This past week has been full of multitasking.
As I write this post, I am taking pictures of my pinterest projects,
doing laundry, teaching my friend how to digital scrapbook (over the phone), and I might be watching "You've Got Mail".

So next time I'll take pictures of my pinterest process and make a tutorial.
I promise.

Here is an update on last week's post in which we had a glimpse at this:

Here are the the pictures to really give you a good view of how 
my Pinspiration project turned out:

My tip, if you decide to make these on your own, is to get a group of girls together to make these with you. It's a lot less expensive that way. I went to Michaels and JoAnn's each week with my 40% off coupon and stocked up on styrofoam balls. I went to the Dollar Tree for my tacks (300 for $1.00) and I got my spray paint at Kmart (it was on sale at the time). I found for the fabric balls that the smaller you cut the strip of fabric, the better.

And I got the vase for $1.00 at DI.

Mission accomplished.

How would you use these balls to decorate in your home?

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