Thursday, October 13

Bookcase Makeover

This week's Pinspiration Project was inspired by the following pin.

This bookcase has been a challenge for me. It has stared me down and intimidated me. And I finally decided I was going to tackle the project and make a pin come true. 

DI Find #1 used to be a candle holder and I put cork board covered in fabric where the candles used to go; I haven't decided what to pin to the cork board yet. DI Find #2 is a frame that I spray-painted and put some fabric behind (similar to the frame on the second shelf down on the left). DI Find #3 is this cute little basket that I used as a book-stand.

And now for the Pinspiration Project! I took styrofoam balls and covered them with fabric and thumbtacks. Total cost was about $3.00 and the DI Finds totaled about $5.00

What do you think? Any progress for this bookshelf?

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1 comment:

  1. I like the changes! Something I found to do with my bookcase was to sort the books by colors... not as useful finding things, but I like the way my shelves look. Of course I also left some books grouped together (series like Harry Potter and Fablehaven) but they are all on the same shelf, and they are similar enough color values and binding styles that it works)



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