Tuesday, October 11


Sometimes in life you just need to hold a baby.
Well to be honest, more often than "sometimes".

I happen to be blessed with friends with cute kids.
It's just a fact.
My Nikki has this adorable little gal:

And they just happen to be some of my favorite people.
I love them.

This little angel is getting a little brother soon,
and how can I really call myself a friend if I don't give them a little nursery advice?

Here's the start...

SW7640 Fawn BrindleSW6478 WaterySW6479 DrizzleCrib, Fabric, Rug

I wish I could be there in person to shop for this cute nursery.

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  1. I love you!! These ideas are so cute! Would this work with a white crib too? Only because that is what I have =)

  2. I think a white crib would pop against the wall color!



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