Wednesday, June 15

Celebrating Fathers!

My dad is amazing! And unfortunately, I don't get to see my amazing father for his special day this year. Do you ever have those moments when you just stop and ponder? What events previously took place in order for you to be right where you are? Who helped you get there? This morning I had one of those moments. I obviously wouldn't be here on Earth without the help of my father, but I am in awe at how much he has done for me beyond that. He has gone above and beyond the call and duty of "fatherhood" for me and my sister. He could help me with a math assignment from school, while rebuilding an engine and putting out a fire all at the same time! He was accepted to an elite fight school in the Marine Corps when he was just a young lad. He received his Master's Degree and became a Major! After he retired, he volunteered for almost 20 years as Captain of the fire department that he established. He gives, gives, gives, and never asks for anything in return. When I hear the word 'service' I think of my dad. He is the greatest example of patience, compassion, and love. I will be forever grateful for the things he has taught me and will continue to teach me.

If you happen to like your dad as well, here are some ideas for Father's Day!

Dad frame: SomeplaceElsewhere

Best Dad Ever: BubbleWrappd

Magnetic Chalkboard: ShabbyMcfabby
Homemade ideas: Little Birdie Secrets

The popcorn idea just happens to be my favorite! My dad loves popcorn, and I know this because he once ate 6 bowls of popcorn on a camping trip! Yes, six! He knows what he likes, my friend. Here's to you, dad! For being the best father for me! I love you!
What are you going to do for your dad this weekend?
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