Thursday, March 24

Vintage Super Hero Par-tay!

Since we're talking about kids...
Look at this awesome party decor!

My favorite is the cake!

For more photos and details, visit How Does She

I have forgotten about my "tips" for a few days...
hopefully you'll forgive me. :)

Maybe it should be a "tip for the week" from now on.
I might be consistent with such a time-table.

So our "Tip of the Week" is...
are you ready?
Alright, get crafty!
If you haven't already completed a DIY project, now is the time.
And if you have accomplished such a task, now's the time to finish another project.

I'm finding frames for some of my pictures from Italy,
and I'm going to give them a "vintage" look.

I'll keep you posted.

I really want to know:
What do you think of the new header on my blog?
I'm wondering what to do with it...
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