Friday, March 25

Fabric Cork Board

My peeps know that we are getting ready to move.
I talk about it all the time because I am so excited - 
and you know why?
One word.


That's all I have to say!
And do you know what that means?
I don't have to be the dishwasher anymore!

I might pee my pants I'm so excited!

In all the excitement, I obviously am thinking of how I am going to arrange the furniture in our new place, what new decor I can come up with, etc.
There are some pieces of jewelry that I wear everyday,
and I thought it would be fun to use some sort of cork board to hang those necklaces and headbands and such...
so I found this idea for a DIY cork board!

For more details and photos, visit How Does She

What do you think?
What would you hang on your cork board?
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1 comment:

  1. I love this idea..any old frame will work with a little paint to match the material I pick to cover my cork! You are amazing..keep up the good work!



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