Tuesday, March 8

Until Spring Comes...

Okay I'm being completely serious...
I am going to keep talking about sunshine and spring until it actually comes!

Positive thinking, positing thinking, positive thinking...
I love snow and scarves and soups,
BUT let's be honest.
That season is supposed to be shorter than 6 months.
At least in my own little world. :)

House Beautiful has a section just on outdoor rooms...
Let us be inspired:

Love the mirror:

The grass pattern:


mmmm, are you in the mood for a picnic?

I do love pink:


Black and white - nuff said:

Silver Sage paint with white trim:

What is your favorite season?

Things to look forward to:
-photographs of my favorite front doors around town
-posts about my crafty crochet projects

-pictures of our house! Yep, I'm really going to show you what I see every day!
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