Tuesday, March 8

Real-Life #3

To sum it up, right now I'm feeling like it would be nice to live in Chicago for a while. :)
I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at pictures of Kiley's place!
And it makes me feel like we are in an episode of "Friends" -
which I guess you could say, Kiley and I have already experienced such a feeling...
We did actually live above Mr. Heckles himself!

Let's chat about the Chicago abode:
Do you have any large clocks?
I picture a clock on one wall, and art on the other.
I like the idea of a hall chest here, using your art and the statue.
What about plants? Do you have any small plants to accessorize with?
Did you decide to move this next to the desk?
Also, what is to the right? I see some fab black and white fabric.
For this last entry wall, you could hang some of your personal photos.
What about getting a big letter "M" for your last name?
Or a long tall mirror?

I know this doesn't fit in any of the areas we've talked about,
but I totally picture a modern folding screen in this condominium.
Just a thought.

Here are some photos for you to peruse:
Lemon Tree Creations
Elle Decor

What about small mirrors hanging vertically instead of horizontally like shown below?
Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn

More to come...
until then, any other real life design situations you need help with?
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