Thursday, March 3

Real-Life #2

Okay 2nd update on Kiley's project!

Let's talk about the office
First view is of the bookshelf:
1. My first impression: create an arrangement of pictures or canvases.
2. BUT then I had a crazy idea - what if we centered it more on the wall so you still have access to the light switch but put the chair by the desk in the corner? I don't know if it would even fit, but then maybe you could put "otto" where the chair is.

Then we have view #2 of the desk area:
1. I'm thinking the area above the desk and chair needs something special. (side note: what about putting your filing cabinet next to the desk?)

Let me find a few more concept photos because it's hard to get my vision across in these, but here's a start :)
See the frames to the left of the bookshelf?

As I'm looking for photos, I always run across one that doesn't really relate, but look at the red cabinet! Eh?

Neat little filing system hanging above the desk.

More to come tomorrow...
What are your thoughts???
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  1. I will have to play around with the configurations in here- I just measured and the filing cabinet would possibly fit next to the desk-- but probably not flush against the wall, since there is a little corner that juts out next to the window. But that might not be a problem. My lamp wouldn't fit above my desk, but we could figure something out there. Thanks for these fun ideas! I also like the idea of moving the bookshelf to be centered on the wall... if you were here right now we would be moving furniture! But I have to work so maybe I'll have Ryan do some of this with me this weekend. Keep these ideas coming!!



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