Thursday, March 3

Real-life #1

My fabulous friend, Kiley, emailed me some pictures of her abode in Chicago.
Ky, I wish I could hop on a plane and come shop with you.
We would have so much fun designing together!
I'll have to find pictures of our place when we lived together - 
Kiley's room was gorgeous!

Okay so first of all - 
the entry
It's hard to tell from the pictures - does the front door give you enough room to put a bench under the coat hooks? And the ceiling looks so high. Any idea what the height is?
Here are my initial suggestions:
1. If there's not room for a bench under the hooks, what about putting a piece of furniture or bench along the other wall with frames above it?
2. Vinyl lettering/art?
3. What about a large frame to take up that empty wall? Now we know that spray paint is banned from Chicago, so you might not want to get a fixer-upper... you could take wallpaper or scrapbook paper to cover the matte board and frame a picture or piece of art.

Here are just a couple photos I found, but I'm still brainstorming.

I have to run, but I'll be thinking of ideas!
Sorry I didn't get to this sooner - didn't realize the e-mail of pictures had gone to my old e-mail address. :) 
Have a fabulous day!!!
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  1. The ceilings are pretty high-- i would love to accentuate them more. They are at least 10-12 ft tall, I think.

    As far as a bench goes, I think I would need a skinny one. I had "otto" there for a while and it kind of felt cluttered/cramped in that entryway.

    I love these ideas keep them coming!! :) ps. i also wish you could come to Chicago and design with me! we would have a blast.



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