Monday, February 21

Prep for Moving Day...

Okay my peeps,
I am getting a little inspired for moving day.
We are moving to a new place pretty soon...

(side note: my husband is serenading me right now because he knows it's one of the only justifiable reasons to take a break from his homework. I just can't get mad at him for that.)

Now that I am focused because the song is over :)
let's talk about pillows, shall we?

When you are in the process of moving, don't you love the "cleanse" that takes place?
Throwing out all the stuff you thought you needed but really haven't used for two years?
Organizing everything in the new place and laughing at yourself every time you open the wrong drawer in the kitchen?

Okay so maybe it's just me.

One other thing I LOVE about moving is the ideas that come about new things we can add to our collection. You with me?
Look at these adorable pillows!
This blogger has some adorable ideas:

I'm thinking of creating some unique pillows for my next project.
I've acquired all sorts of ideas for our new abode...
please feel free to share any ideas!

Now on to our photography portion...

My mom, my sis, and I went on a fabulous trip last month!
One of our stops was Nassau, Bahamas -
my mother and my sister were obsessed with these linen shops!

This one was so cute, I just had to take pictures.
And I thought you might enjoy...

Here's a shout-out to my sis!
This was my favorite photo - unedited.

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