Friday, February 18

Friday, Friday, Friday! Do you hear that song?

Oh, I forgot to post this youtube video yesterday...
in case anyone would also like to learn how to make the headband flower:

I modified it to fit my needs, but she is definitely a great teacher!

Now for the design portion of my life,
I have decided I am going to start photographing my finds.
I think you'll enjoy the laughter that comes as I endeavor to do such a task. :)
New camera = lost Stephanie
The buttons are so confusing, and Ian has to read the manual so he can download the info to his lovely wife. I like the visual method of learning and then I get his undivided attention for those few minutes. Life is great.

Until my fabulous photography skills are put to use,
check out this site:

Here's just a glimpse for my peeps:
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1 comment:

  1. i can try to help you figure out that camera. just bring it with you when come out for a visit :) or i can try to help when i see you in april. oh and shoot on manual mode. you'll be terrible at first. we all are, but that's how you learn and get great.



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