Tuesday, April 10

Patios and Glow Stones

With spring here I have outdoor living on the brain. Sure I've been organizing my closets and cleaning my house, but I'd much rather be working on my flower pots and sitting on my patio reading. I have so many things I want to do and wish I could do that I'm going to be posting outdoor living ideas all month.

Have you seen these two pins on pinterest?

stone mold

glow stone - original pin source
buy it here

I love that cement mold and after watching the video on the HSN website I love it even more. Plus when I watched the video the host/sales guy was talking about what to fill the cracks with and when he said grass I had a vision.

This mold is amazing because I think it would cost less than pavers, you don't have to make sure your ground is completely level, you can tint your cement, and it can be done in an afternoon. If our far-into-the-future home doesn't have a patio or deck I want to use this mold for the patio portion and then fill the cracks with grass to tie it in with the lawn. My husband says this won't be so fun to keep trimmed but that's okay right?

A few pics to back up my idea... in case you need a visual.

Appletree Staging

Now combine that idea with the glow stone and I think we'd have an amazing outdoor area going on.

In no way was this a sponsored post... I'm just sold on these products and kind of dramatic!

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