Thursday, April 19

DIY ~ Outdoor Furntiture

So, it's that time again where I shout out to Ana White with how much I love her tutorials. Someday I'm going to make my husband build me all sorts of fun things.

I love her Simple Outdoor Dining Table, Chairs, and Bench. Plans can be found here. Here is a pic from her site, and you can also see pictures of the finished product that other readers have built.

Reminds me of this one below. I would probably stain mine a dark ebony like this as well.

Ana also has plans to build a sectional in a small or large configuration.

Again the inspired by piece.

Now I know it's way easier to buy furniture, but the cost to build vs. buy is vastly different and quite frankly building my own would be in my budget... even if we could afford to buy the designer sets... I don't think we would because we'd want to put that money elsewhere, plus I like the satisfaction of doing something with my hands.

Also, if you start looking into building your own and you look into making cushions you should buy outdoor foam so it will dry out after being exposed to the elements, and outdoor fabric. Outdoor foam can get expensive, but still much cheaper than buying the designer set. And making your own cushions allows you to fully customize your look.


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