Thursday, March 1

On a Personal Note ~ Best Ribs

I'm not a huge meat person. I don't eat beef and I don't like chicken. My husband on the other hand is like most men and would be a steak and potatoes man if I wasn't trying to turn our family into vegetarians half the time. Last weekend was his birthday and so he requested ribs... probably because he's suffered through too many ruined birthday steaks. Luckily I do ribs really well. They're delicious and fall off the bone and you can make them any time of year. Here's a quick set of directions:

start with pork ribs... some sort of back ribs... like baby back or what have you
then I cut mine into sections (about 4-6 ribs per section)

Steam them. Yep steam them. I have one of those cheap metal steam baskets you put in your pot and I put about 3 inches of water in the pot, then the basket, then the ribs.
Steam them for 2 hours. I will check throughout to make sure I still have water in the pot and will add hot water as needed.
You can let them rest after the steaming but I never do.
I smother them with sauce and put them under the broiler for 5 min and serve.

If you're BBQ'ing then after they've been steamed char them over the BBQ, cover them with sauce and cook on both sides 2-3 min.

For my sauce I just throw these ingredients together until it tastes right:

red wine vinegar (almost as much as the ketchup)
brown sugar (half as much as the ketchup)
liquid smoke (a few shakes)
crushed black pepper
crushed red pepper flakes (not too much)

Sorry I don't have any pictures we ate them before I could even think about it.

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