Monday, February 13

On a Personal Note: Living Room

I really did it.
I made the big purchase.
This lovely fabric is currently being shipped to my house.
A lot of it.
And do you know what that means?
I have the best husband in the world 
(because he actually encouraged this purchase)!!!
AND I am committed to this project 
(because the fabric will be intimidating me in my own house)!!!

So our living room famous sofas are getting the biggest makeover in their history!
This is the largest purchase I have ever made based on a design-related decision with my own money! In most cases, my decisions are affecting other's bank accounts and home decor.

In other news, I got the sweetest note from my hubs yesterday. It was a pre-Valentine's surprise and I was overjoyed. I think he likes me. My girlfriend and I are planning a big to-do for our hubbies for tomorrow! And I'll give you some ideas for your day tomorrow, just in case something catches your eye:
 We've been using this for about a month now: A Content Housewife

We'll be decorating and baking some yummy treats, and just to make sure the night isn't too feminine for the boys, we are making a fort! Enjoy your Valentine's Day tomorrow and happy planning!!!
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