Wednesday, January 18

Valentine's Crafts - Sarah from Crafting and Creativity

Today we are pleased to introduce Sarah! She has an amazing blog and she is super creative. We are so lucky to be able to work with her. Enjoy her post and make sure you check out her blog!

Hey everyone, I'm excited to be here at Paisley Interiors today!

I'm Sarah & I blog over at Crafting and Creativity.

I love making simple and pretty things.

I love creating things for my kids or for our home.
And I love to organize.

I love browsing Pinterest for inspiration.

I was inspired by this on Pinterest & wanted to make my own version. Here's what I did......

I wanted to fill this white frame that was now empty after the holidays...

I grabbed a piece of grey linen & then made a heart with some pink buttons.

I just set the buttons on & moved them around until it looked like a heart. Then I glued them in place with my trusty glue gun!

Instead of somehow making this permanent in the frame, I just wrapped the linen around the glass, then stuck it all back inside the frame.

After Valentine's Day, I can just store the piece of fabric with my decorations, then my frame will be ready to fill for Easter!

This literally took 5 minutes to make & I love the result!

The subway art was a printable that I framed last year from eighteen25.

The little rosette ball was made by gluing rosettes I made using crepe paper streamers onto a foam ball, then I stuck it on a candle holder.

And because yesterday was kinda gloomy out, it was hard taking decent photos. So my frame even made a trip outside for a quick photo....

I love having some pink stuff up in my home!!!!

Last year I put together some little bubbles to give to the kids in my class at church for Valentine's Day.
{see the original post here}

This year I need to come up with something new for them. I teach the same group of kids, but the class has doubled. So stay tuned for what I come up with, as well as some other Valentine's Day goodness at my blog in the coming weeks!

Hope to see you over at Crafting and Creativity soon!

Thanks to Stephanie & Risa for having me!!

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