Monday, January 30

Stylish Hardware

We have a design question from one of my favorite people ever!
My mother-in-law, Nancy, has been crafty and creative.
She has been remodeling their beautiful home and is now working on the kitchen.
Here's here email:

"I just had the best weekend for DIY- I painted the island cabinetry and it turned out fabulous.  I cleaned and sanded the old antique cabinet, then painted the whole thing including the new cabinets on the backside in red.  Then I waxed areas that I didn’t want to paint over and painted the whole cabinet black.  The black had just a touch of blue in it, so in some light it looks super dark navy.  The red came through in spots and I LOVE IT!  I know what you are thinking, did I take pictures, sorry no, I just didn’t think about it until I was done.

But I have a question: The other cabinets in the room are going to be red mahogany color and I was going to use black hardware; do I have to use black hardware on the island too?"

My answer is NO. :) I recommend using different hardware. You could even get some vintage or antique hardware for the black cabinetry. In the two images above, the hardware on the island differs from the hardware on the other cabinets. We love variety!

P.S. In my search for images, I fell in love with this color:
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