Thursday, November 24

HaPpY tHaNkSgIvInG!

What does Thanksgiving make you think about?

Answers from our house:
-kitchen full of giggly girls
-laying down in your pajamas with leftovers in your lap

Yes, each answer came from a different family member. On Tuesday, our 8-hour drive took 10 blessed hours. We spent our Wednesday taking family pictures, and it was splendid. I am grateful for a family that laughs together. I love laughter. Everyone thinks their family is strange, but my family isn't just strange - they are from another planet. Those that marry in have to go through training so that they will understand family jokes when they arise.

Yeah, we're weird.

But we love each other.

I started this little tradition to educate myself... on holidays I research the reason we celebrate the holiday... so if you want a little reminder, click here:

So... What does Thanksgiving really make you think about?
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