Wednesday, November 2

Dreaming of a White Kitchen

With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching I can't stop thinking of all the things I want to cook, which has me thinking about kitchens.

Here are a *few* kitchen pictures I've saved for that someday when I'm no longer renting and can have my dream kitchen. You might notice some common themes.

this is Ikea if you can believe it

knight moves

My dream kitchen wish list:

1. white cabinets
(although that one with grey cabinets and a white island has got me thinking)

2. a dark contrast... maybe the island
3. dark wood floors.
not tile. and maybe not as practical, but it's MY dream kitchen
4. subway tile.
maybe in a chevron pattern. have you seen that? it's amazing!
5. tons of natural light!

***sorry not many sources... i accept terrible blogger award***
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