Friday, November 4

A Clean Home is a Happy Home

I do not possess a natural talent for cleaning, or being motivated to clean. I like a clean and pretty house but in all honesty I hate being the one to clean it. I've even told my husband I'd be happy buying a smaller home in order to have someone come in and clean it for me, he might actually go for this. My in-laws came to visit last weekend and so I had to bite the bullet and clean it. Now I'm following chore lists and searching for cleaning tips online. So, even though it's not a fun pretty topic it's one that I've had in mind for a couple weeks now.

Here are my favorite sites and recent tips:

1.easiest way to clean a microwave

2.oven cleaning made eas{ier}

3.daily/monthly chore list

4.another popular cleaning website

I really like #3. It has items on there that I wouldn't have thought of and it has make-up days every few days, which as a mom is so necessary.

Here's hoping you have a happy and clean weekend!
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