Thursday, October 27

Guest Post: Jennie Moss from Haute and Handpieced!

Hello beautiful readers.
I am Jennie Moss and I am guest posting on
my lovelies here at
Paisley Interiors.

Well I thought since Fall is here
we all need a little spice in our wardrobe
so I found an item in my closet
that needed some major love & attention...

this is a SIMPLE tutorial on SWEATER sprucing!
what you need to start:

then simply cut two inch & a half strips of wool

and start to pleat your strips & pin them...

I hand sewed it all, because my machine is hating me.
 But it was pretty easy and fast, even by 
hand sewing all of the pleat. 
As you pleat the fabric and sew it to your sweater, you can
shape it around the neckline into
either a v or a half circle.

This is how my sweater turned out....

I hope you have a fun time repurposing
your sweaters & shirts!

Oh and this shirt got a little exciting with a zipper.

I cut the back up the middle
and sewed the zipper to one side, than the
other. My shirt was a little big so I gathered the back.

and this is how this ended up.

Have a great fall
happy crafting.


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