Tuesday, October 25

Dining Chairs

Well, this weekend was a DIY double-wammy. In addition to my wreath I decided to paint my dining chairs. The weather has been cooler and spray painting season is almost over. I don't have fabric to recover the seat cushions yet, but planned on getting that taken care after the holidays, so I needed to paint now so the chairs would be ready for new fabric in a few months.

I always prime. I've found that it takes less coats of color if I prime first. For some reason I use this stuff and it seems to stick to everything. It's also great for priming lamps. Oh and get the handle it's worth the money.

Here are my chairs before: I have a thing for old lady furniture, but that's another be You-nique inspired post.

After a coat of primer... see it sticks!

After: very dramatic.

I'm thinking I need a non-black fabric and something bold, graphic, and modern to off-set the old-lady vibe coming from the chairs. Any ideas? I'll share my favorite picks next week.
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