Sunday, September 11

Never Forget

How can we not reflect on such a day?
I remember where I was when I heard about the attack on 9/11.
I had just arrived at seminary, and Brittany walked in and said our country was under attack. At the moment, I wasn't sure what to think. Brittany and I both have a way of over-exaggerating, and none of us had heard anything about the twin towers being hit.
Then came our entrance to high school... my history teacher taped the news each and every morning for us to watch for the first 10 minutes of class. Little did she know that tape would be one she would never tape over again. She had let the tape go from one teacher to another so that all of the classes could watch the news, since none of the rooms actually received cable.

I remember feeling a little panicked because of the unknown.
I remember thinking of my sister who drives to D.C. almost every day.
I remember praying.

I remember seeing American flags on every corner, on every car, and on suit lapels.

May we never forget that feeling of unity, love, and patriotism.

Here are some sites to visit today: - great images of the memorial

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