Wednesday, August 24

Summer Fun!

This summer has been a blast!
Traveling has been our tool!
And now we are enjoying life at home.

 This dining room caught my eye this morning so I decided I should start blogging again.
For my peeps.

I love the star, over-sized art, and the flowers on the table...
What do you love?
Check out the full article here.

Since settling in at home, I've started preparing some other crafty posts:
DI refurbishing...
and my bookcase makeover!
So stay tuned!

Also, I have had a lot of comments from this blog post and I forgot to add it here...
so here is my office chair makeover!
Click here for more details.
What have you been doing this summer???
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1 comment:

  1. WOW. that chair is AMAZING. you are so talented! miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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