Monday, April 4

Boldly Breathing!

I can finally breathe!
Do you remember Gus Gus from Cinderella?
This picture gives you a glimpse into my weekend.
We have had fun moving,
but I am soooo done!

For those of you who are confused about our move,
I'll give you the details.
We rented a house that was up for sale...
and guess what!
It sold!
We have enjoyed the past 16 months at that house,
but our new place is so peaceful!

Our office is situated RIGHT next to (basically in) the living room,
so when one of us needs to take a break -
we still get to be together.
Sweet, huh?

And have I mentioned the dishwasher???

Tip for the Day: Get organized!
(Okay, so that might be a little reminder for me also...)

For fun, check out this fun room redo at The Lettered Cottage.

How was your weekend???
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