Monday, March 21

Real-life #4

I just happen to have the most adorable family.
One of my favs is my cousin Sara...
We definitely know how to laugh together, play together, and work together.
You could say we get along. :)

When we were little, we used to walk from Grandma's house to the gas station on the corner. Our parents would give us a few bucks for a treat, and it created a tiny sense of independence. We thought we were 
hott stuff, I tell ya. And we were.

Now we are still hott stuff, but we just don't get to see each other as much.
And that's the sad part of the story.

Now for the good part!
Sara has an adorable little boy (fits right into the family) and his name is Ryder!
She came up with this fabulous idea to decorate his nursery with FABRIC!
So cute, right?

Currently, the letters and decor are taped on because she's waiting for my opinion.
Okay, honestly, I think it's a fabulous idea! I love the letters and the design.
I just have a couple suggestions.

My suggestions/comments:
1. the last "R" seems a little out of place; I like how the first "R" is placed on the square background. Can you tweak the last "R" to mimic the first "R" or make the black a little smaller and sideways? Hopefully that makes sense. :)

2. you can create a little dimension by mounting all of the pieces of fabric on foamboard or wood. you might even want to create dimension by sewing them with batting... The foamboard would be the easiest solution and all you would need to attach the fabric is Spray Adhesive.

Here are some concept photos:
P.S. Sara, I love all the other decor, too, and his bedding! SO CUTE!
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  1. i love how one of the sample pics is Eva's name ;)



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