Monday, March 14

Down and Out

I woke up Thursday feeling a little under the weather.
From there, unfortunately, it has only gone downhill.

I rested on Friday and started feeling a little relief on Saturday,
so I hit the pavement!
I'm regretting that now...
since then, I have been completely miserable.

This is what my days have consisted of:

So you can see why my blogging has been a little under the weather also...

If you have any tips for getting rid of a cold, I would love to hear them!

And for your designing fun today, check out this:

I bet you can't even guess who found that for me!
Anything I know about the Wall Street Journal pretty much always comes from my cute husband. :)

So which one is your favorite house?
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1 comment:

  1. This may be too late, but a little secret is:
    1. lay on your side
    2. pour a capful of hydrogen peroxide in your ear
    3. allow to bubble for up to 10 minutes
    4. drain into a tissue
    5. repeat in other ear

    Also, I take lots of high quality probiotics (my fav is Kyodophilis 9), snack on organic cocouut oil (a natural anti viral), and eliminate all sugars. Good luck. I miss you!



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