Thursday, February 17

On my mind...

Currently I have a few projects in progress...

1. Chest of Drawers

Unfortunately, it doesn't look anything like the one pictured above,
but I sure wish it did!
Let's just call this piece my "left-behind-from-the-last-owners free and useful chest that has potential" and leave it at that. :)
I'll post pictures when my work is done.

2. Headband

I have completed a few flowers in different yarns.
I felt I really needed the practice to hone that talent.
Now I am on to the band itself, so hopefully it will look like this "4Tdesigns" one.
Winter is coming to a close, right?
So I am making it a goal to finish this before the snow melts.
(Side note: I have been looking out my front window at MOUNDS of snow for MONTHS, so bring on the Spring weather Mr. Groundhog)

3. This Blog
I easily forget how relaxing it is to blog and document my finds.
I love life, and this blog gives me a little reminder to stop STRESSING!
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