Thursday, February 10

Kitchens Galore!

House Beautiful posted these amazingly colorful kitchens!

What do you think of the open shelving in this kitchen?
Introducing another color for the interior of the cabinets is a great way to spice up your kitchen.

Notice the open slots for plates near the back of the kitchen in this one:

I am a big fan of the details on the cabinetry:

This kitchen ceiling is beautiful!
I just wouldn't have accentuated the hood as shown...

Again with the accent color in the cabinets...
and notice the reeded glass!

I could totally see my wonderful friend, Risa, cooking away in this kitchen:

This kitchen has some surprising architectural elements.
Look at that awkward near the corner; what would you put in that thing?

More interesting architectural elements:

Photographers are amazing, aren't they?
You almost don't notice how high the ceiling is in this kitchen!

And now...
for my favorite kitchen of the group...
I'm a fan of pot-racks, I love the accent tile in the backsplash,
I would KILL to have a dishwasher right now, the island is somewhat heavenly,
every kitchen needs windows above the sink...
and who doesn't have blue antique candlesticks on their island?

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