Monday, February 28

Dreaming Away My Work...

This is one thing you may not know about me:
designs come to me in my dreams!

Funny, right?

No, not really.
It's totally awesome!
When I was in design school, I never pulled an all-nighter.
Seriously! If I was stressed about a project, I would go to bed early.
Wake up early.
And then finish my project.
I worked my little tail off, but I never stayed up all night to finish a project.

Sometimes, if I was really focused, I would dream about my project while I was sleeping, and the solution to my dilemma came to me in my dream!
It was pretty fabulous.

I haven't had that experience since I graduated...
this past weekend!

I had a dream about a fabulous two-story house,
and I had seen elements of it before in my other designs.
BUT there was an office in this dream that was unique and new.
I will have to post a sketch of it in plan view later for you to really catch the vision.

But this picture sums up my favorite part:
The doors and the transom window!
Oh how I love transom windows!!!

Practical Office:
Note the Apple Computer and the File Drawer...

A designer's office:
Do you see that awesome clock hanging on the wall in the corner?

Shab to Fab:
Notice the shutter on the desk that is used for a tack board?

Colorful accents:
Window treatments, flower, and all sorts of accessories.
Love the natural light too.

Crafty Office:
Designed specifically for function.

Too many wonderful elements to name...

What does your home office look like?
Or better yet, what do you want it to look like?
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  1. Check my blog for a photo of my office... and then please email me advice on how I can spruce it up!! :)

  2. so far it sounds great! but hey I have another question where can i get the tie? lol

  3. Guess who owns that tie??? Your fashionable brother! He can hook you up, I'm sure. :) haha

  4. The "Practical Office".. that is my same desk! I must have great taste!



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