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A bit about us:
We are Risa and Steph, high school acquaintances that actually didn't become great friends until long after high school. We were re-united through our boyfriends at the time, who are now our husbands. We have held each other up through rough times and laughed through good times. Change often comes as a surprise, and we are sure glad that change made us the best of friends and business partners.

A bit about the paisley suit:
We started this adventure in 2011 when we realized our hearts were in the same place: design. We both have studied interior design, and we love what this blog has done for our creativity. We hope you enjoy it, as well! Stay around and explore with us.

A bit about Steph:
I'm an interior designer and DIY project connoisseur.
I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design.
I am a California girl, but my Prince Charming moved me to a snowy town in Idaho where he finished his undergraduate program.
I love photography, crocheting, and scrapbooking (digitally, of course)!
I love puzzles.
My husband says out of all the Friends characters, I am most like Monica.
Cleaning is one of my favorite things to do (hence the Monica comment).
I love to laugh with my family.
When I say I love chocolate, that's an understatement.
My husband rocks.
On our first date, my husband had an afro.
I have the greatest parents in the world.
I have a cat named Smoosh.

A bit about Risa:
My name is Risa.  Like Lisa, but with an R.
Here are some random facts about me.

I am a mother. My daughter has red hair.
I like to camp.
I used to hate to hike.
Bowling makes me angry and profane.
I like my music loud.
My hair is not naturally brown, or naturally straight.
I make the best grilled cheese sandwiches.
My parents are from two different countries.
I moved across the country while 7 months pregnant.
I use the classic style skates at a skating rink as opposed to inline skates.
I like DIY projects.
I love to cook but can go a bit crazy in the kitchen.
Honking makes driving bearable.
I can eat with chopsticks. I love sushi.
I'm from a desert with both cactus and snow.
I prefer a foot rub to a back rub.
I can sew and love to make things for my daughter.
I used to curse like a sailor.
I once assisted in the take off of a small aircraft.
I like flying in small planes more than large ones, and I don't like long flights.
I can apply fake eyelashes as quickly as mascara and wear them daily.
I have climbed to the very top of a mountain.
I make a great salsa.
I love authentic Mexican food.
I look forward to the Holidays during the summer, and start decorating a bit early.
My hair wasn't curly until High School.
I had a cosmetic surgery done on my face at 16.
I met my husband on a boat.

Feel free to email us at thepaisleysuit@gmail.com
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